Kapaurer Orange 16% vol. Alcohol 1l

Kapaurer Orange 16% vol. Alcohol 1l
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Kapaurer Orange 16% vol. Alcohol 1l

A wonderful innovation from the Kapaurer House is Kapaurer Aperitif. The recipe is secret. And perhaps this is the secret to its popularity. It is taste is unmistakable: sweet and fruity and a slightly bitter aftertaste. Ideally suited as a drink mix.



We recommend:
Enjoy the Kapaurer orange alone or to mix / refine at a serving temperature between 14 ° C and 16 ° C. Drink it with sparkling wine or a dry white wine on ice (2cl Kapaurer Orange and 8 oz prosecco, mineral water and ice with lemon).




New Mix:
2cl Kapaurer orange and 1cl cranberry liqueur, 8cl prosecco and sparkling water, ice cubes and orange slices.



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